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B200 Transportation


The B-200 is equipped with a 36 volt electric direct drive system consisting of a direct gear drive differential to provide years of reliable service. Standard features are on-board automatic battery charger with drive interlock, battery status indicator, dual headlights, taillights, stop lights, and hydraulic brakes. The B-200 is the best value in its class of electric vehicles.


The B-200 is a cost effective solution for your general utility applications. Vehicle performance meets or exceeds the demands of many applications while reducing emmissions, lowering maintenance expenses and reducing operating costs.



Speed 19.3 km/h
Range 32 km
Load Capacity 907 kg
Tow Capacity 2,277 kg
Weight 617 kg
Length 306cm
Width 114.3cm
Height Less Cab 122cm

With Cab 188cm

Hitch Height 27.9cm
Outside Turning Radius 312cm
Wheel Base 138.4m
Deck 109.22 w x 190.5 l x 66.3 h cm


B200 Transportation

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