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B Model B2-48 48V GT


The B-248’s unique modular vehicle design allows the B-248 to be configured to provide precise solutions to your needs.

The B-248 series, equipped with GT electric drive train, provides years of reliability with low operating costs.

The B-248 can be configured to carry up to 4,000 lbs. of load, pull 17,500 lbs., or carry up to 10 people. Equipped with an automotive differential matched to a 48 volt drive train, the B-248 is one of the best values for your utility applications.


The B-248 series product line of Electric Personnel and Burden carriers offers the ultimate versatility in load capacity, vehicle configuration and vehicle performance.


  • Strong steel body
  • Automotive type differential
  • Choice of motor sizes
  • Ability to custom-build rear body structures to suit specific applications


Speed 25.7 km/h
Range 38 km
Load Capacity 1360 kg
Tow Capacity 5682 kg
Passengers 2
Weight 702 kg
Length 307.3cm
Width 114.2cm
Height Less Cab 114.2cm

With Cab 172.2cm

Hitch Height 31.8cm
Outside Turning Radius 350.4cm
Wheel Base 139.8cm
Deck 104 w x 191 l x 63.5 h cm

Optional Extras

  • Fibreglass cabin
  • Steel cabin with sliding safety glass windows
  • Strobe lihts
  • Rear deck, canopy’s or cages
  • Ladder racks
  • Choice or tyres


B Model B2-54 48V


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