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B Model B2-48 AC 48V


The Model B’s unique modular design allows the B-248 to be configured to provide precise solutions to suit your needs.

The advantage of the AC system is increased torque for hill climbing and towing loads. This is possible with its brushless sealed motor and regenerative braking.


  • Tow a load
  • Move people
  • Move products
  • Tow trailers
  • Tow custom built stillages


The B-248 series product line of electric personnel and burden carriers offers the ultimate versatility in load capacity, vehicle configuration and performance.


Speed 25.7 km/h
Range 48 km
Load Capacity 1360 kg
Tow Capacity 4535 kg
Passengers 2
Weight 702 kg
Length 307.3cm
Width 114.2cm
Height Less Cab 114.2cm

With Cab 172.2cm

Hitch Height 31.7cm
Outside Turning Radius 350.4cm
Wheel Base 139.8cm
Deck 104 w x 183 l x 63.5 h cm

Optional Extras

  • Fibreglass cabin
  • Steel cabin with safety glass sliding windows
  • Choice or terra non-marking tyres
  • Rear decks, canopy’s and cages
  • Full length steel roof
  • Ladder racks


B Model B2-48 48V GT


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