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This vehicle operates at 18 mph and carries loads up to 3,000 lbs. Specifically designed to meet rugged outdoor applications, the ET-3000 is equipped with a 48 volt drive train and travels up to 30 miles in a single charge.

Taylor-Dunn’s GT Drive system provides hill climbing ability and acceleration while carrying heavy cargo during daily applications.

Standard features include, steel cab and doors, load range E tires, durable frame design, four-wheel hydraulic brakes and motor design that ensures reliability and low maintenance cost.


The ET-3000 is the next generation of electric utility vehicles to compete with the performance of gasoline vehicles in outdoor applications.


10″ wheels for ultimate speed for airports, large factories and large educational facilities


Speed 29 km/h
Range 48 km
Load Capacity 1361 kg
Tow Capacity 4536 kg
Passengers 2
Weight  kg
Length 226.1cm
Width 76.2cm
Height Less Cab 104.5cm
Hitch Height n/a
Outside Turning Radius 205.7cm
Wheel Base 137.2cm
Deck 76.2 w x 48.3 l x 60.96 h cm




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