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Huskey C4-26 – AC 48V


The Huskey TM II AC comes equipped with many standard features for operator comfort such as full 4-wheel suspension, remote lever to release the hitch, suspension seat, cushion grip steering wheel, and cup holder.

Additional standard features such as high visibility driving position, lighting (headlight with dual brake, tail, and reverse lights), automatic parking brake, emergency stop switch, multifunction dash display, and full perimeter steel plate protection are provided for the safety of the driver and others.

Options allow configurations to meet various applications.


  • Car part supplier
  • Car manufacturing plant
  • Airport
  • Large manufacturing plants
  • Zoo’s
  • Tow a load
  • Tow trailers
  • Tow stillages


The new generation C4-26 AC builds on the reliable history of the original Huskey. The Huskey II AC combines high power towing in a compact maneuverable tow tractor, while maintaining operator comfort and safety.


Speed 16.1 km/h
Range 48 km
Load Capacity n/a
Tow Capacity 13610 kg
Passengers 1
Weight 1225 kg less batteries and charger
Length 203.68cm
Width 99.07cm
Height Less Cab 137.16cm

With Cab 209.6cm

Hitch Height 21.58cm
Outside Turning Radius 189cm
Wheel Base 109.22cm
Deck n/a

Optional Extras

  • Roll in / roll out battery
  • Custom built cabin
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Remote hitch operation
  • Selection of hitches
  • Customer paint to corporate colours



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