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Taylor Dunn Vehicles

Taylor Dunn vehicles are most powerful and durable breed in industrial vehicles segment. It has build a reputation in itself and has been dominating commercial and industrial vehicle space. The company was originated from USA and was founded by Mr. Taylor and Mr. Dunn in the year 1949. These vehicles by Taylor Dunn soon reached around every part of globe in 60 years, it’s already single largest player in this space.

Australian market is served by its local dealer Warequip Solutions. Range of products from Taylor Dunn includes the following:

What are the uses of Taylor Dunn vehicles ?

Taylor dunn

  • Towing load: Industrial vehicles range is known to tow very heavy loads and perfect for moving goods as well as machinery within the warehouse or a big premise.
  • Carry Load: Industrial vehicles are also used to carry load, most of the vehicles have provision to carry load and it’s durability makes it perfect to carry load and shifting your warehouse or whole markets.

They are perfect for following industries:

  • Aviation: Taylor Dunn’s rugged range of standard and customized vehicles are perfectly suited for aviation industry.
  • Healthcare:  These vehicles  are quite, they are perfect for healthcare environment.
  • Manufacturing: Efficiency is at the core of any manufacturing business and Taylor Dunn is another name for efficiency. It works very well in an agile manufacturing environment.
  • Government: Government is often considered to be an initiator and catalyst for pushing environmental reforms. Electrical Vehicles are environment friendly and can be used by Government departments, not to forget these vehicles are also great at increasing efficiency and hence reduce cost.

Though we have listed few sectors, there are many other sectors and ways in which these vehicles can be used for your business. Just like Melbourne Market did to move it’s fresh produce market from one corner of city to other.

Contact us to know how we can be useful for your business. Our experienced sales staff would love to help your business.

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